What can I sell?

- Any item your child outgrows can be sold :

Our categories include - Toys ,  Bath & Diapering , Furniture , Clothing & Accessories, Gear, Books, Maternity products, Nursing & Feeding etc.   

We do not accept :-

Used Bottles

Used Potty Seats

Used Pacifiers

Clothes Without Tags

How do I price my product?

- Kindly refer to our pricing suggestions & guidelines.

*Pricing guidelines  for quick sales-*

*Brand new-* 70- 75% of original price

*Almost like new (used once or twice)* - 55-60 % of original price

*Gently used (used moderately)* - 45-50% of original price

*Heavily used* - 40% of original price

What am I Earning?

- 80% of the sale price goes to you after we deduct a 20% commission.

What if the product I want to sell is brand new and is still in the box?

- Send us an image of the box and the image of the seal and we will get in touch via email with further queries.

What are the payment methods as a seller?

- You get paid within 5-14 days of dispatching your product. Please let us know the preferred payment method via email. Our payment options include wallets such as Paytm, Gpay, UPI, bank transfer, among others.

When I list my products with you, how do I know they're confirmed?

- Our team will send you a confirmation email  & message once we have all the details of your product.

What if I don't hear back within 24 hours after uploading my product?

- You can email us on contact@uptot.in and then your item will be reviewed, and pricing suggestions will be offered so it can be sold and re-homed.

What happens if my product doesn't sell after more than 60 days?

- The listed item will be reviewed, and pricing suggestions will be offered so it can be sold and re-homed.

Can I list my items on multiple platforms?

- No. If we discover that any of the items listed with Uptot are listed elsewhere, we will delist them immediately and notify you by email.

Who is responsible for logistics?

- Our logistics partners, as well as Uptot, handle all logistics

- We require the seller to sanitize, clean, and pack the product securely as per our packaging guidelines once a sale has been made.

- Once we receive a confirmation that the product is ready for pickup, we will send you a shipping label which will have to be printed & stuck on the package.

- Our logistics partner will contact you directly to coordinate the pickup time and address.

Do I have to coordinate with the logistics partner?

- Upon receiving confirmation that your package is ready, we will contact the courier company, and they will contact you to assign a pickup time for your package.

I recently sold. Is there a time limit for shipping?

- You have only two days from the time we communicate that your product is sold. All you have to do is pack your product, and we will arrange the pick up.

How do I package my product?

- You need to pack your product in a box. Boxes should be sturdy and compact in order to avoid high courier charges. Please follow our packaging guidelines .

What if I can't find the correct size box for packing?

- You may contact us via Whatsapp or email, and we will be glad to assist you. You can also check
out this website -

How do I assemble the product I have purchased ?

-For Assembly queries you can email us on contact@uptot.in or whtsapp us on 9819042222.
Our  team will be happy to assist you.

What if there are any damages during shipment ?

All our packaging is done as per the packaging guidelines of  the logistics company. If there are any transit damages to the box, kindly send us photos & videos before opening the package & we will address this there after.

When will my product get delivered ?

- After placing an order it may take upto 7-10 working days for the product to reach you.

Is COD option available ?

- No, we do not have any COD option available.  All payments need to be made on the website.

Can the seller increase the price after the product is verified and listed on the website ?

- Once the product is verified and listed on the website we cannot increase the price.

Is there any Guarantee or Warranty of the products ?

- We do not take any guarantee or provide any warranty for the product.

Can the seller receive the payment via gpay, or paytm ?

- We generate our payment via Razor pay.

So in order to receive the payment, you need to fill the form when you receive the razor pay link with your account details.